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Towing & Roadside Assistance in San Fernando Valley

We at San Fernando Towing have been in the business of providing the best auto towing services in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding area with reliable and high quality towing as well as roadside assistance services since 2005.

Towing Services

SFV Towing

When a driver experiences a vehicle breakdown or accident that incapacitates the vehicle, you can call us for towing services. You will not be left on the side of the road for long; here at San Fernando Towing, we can provide swift tow truck services in San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas, whenever you need them.

Motorcycle Towing

Whether you need to tow your ride due to a breakdown or accident, we can provide the reliable service you request. Towing motorcycles require careful handling. They may be small, but they are also more fragile compared to other vehicles. We can tow various makes and models; Kawasaki, Harley Davison, Yamaha, Ducati, and more.

Car Towing

We can tow a wide range of cars of different models and makes; from Honda, Ford, Toyota, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Porsche, and others. We can assure you, we will handle your vehicles with caution and care. When you call us, we will respond fast and reach your location in the shortest time possible. We will then move your vehicle to any location in San Fernando Valley.

RV Towing & Motorhome Towing

You have made plans for your vacation, and something goes wrong while traveling. The breakdown now has seemingly ruined your holidays. However, do not despair, as we can provide you with safe, quick, and affordable RV towing and motorhome towing services to get your vehicles moved.

Heavy Duty Towing

Do you have a bus, semi-truck, or other heavy duty vehicles that need to be towed? These types of larger vehicles need heavy duty towing, and we can help. Heavy Duty Towing is not like any other towing tasks. It is important to use the right tow trucks and equipment to carry out the duties. We have all the requirements to perform heavy duty towing, and will not damage your vehicle in every possible way.

Wheel Lift Towing

Wheel lift towing is perfect for towing in narrow and tight spaces. It is also suitable for short-distance towing. Wheel lift towing involves the use of a metal yoke, which is positioned at the back of the tow truck, to lift the vehicle by its wheels. The metal yoke is placed at either the front or rear pair of wheels. Once in place, the wheels are lifted, and the remaining wheels roll while the tow truck pulls the vehicle. If the towed vehicle is a four-wheel or all-wheel drive, we will use a tow dolly to support the wheels, and will not let it travel on the ground.

Flatbed Towing

Flatbed tow towing is highly utilized for towing four-wheel-drives, exotic cars, motorcycles, or vehicles that are immobilized and can’t be driven on its own. This towing provides extra safety and security for the car owners, it is also recommended if you need long distance towing using a flatbed tow truck.

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