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We at San Fernando Towing have been in the business of providing the best auto towing services in the San Fernando Valley and surrounding area with reliable and high quality towing as well as roadside assistance services since 2005.

Flatbed Towing

When you request our towing services, you can anticipate your vehicle transported securely and safely to the next destination. At San Fernando Towing, we provide dependable flatbed towing in San Fernando Valley and surrounding areas. We will ensure that no damage will occur on the vehicles we transported. Flatbed towing is in our list of services. We can accommodate motorcycles, cars, and SUVs different makes and models. We take pride in our reputation as a reliable and timely provider in towing services.

The Convenience of Using Flatbed Towing

Flatbed tow trucks are also safe and convenient towing equipment that makes it easy to load and unload other vehicles. It consists of a hydraulically powered platform, which shapes likes a flatbed, fitted at the back of the tow truck. The platform is adjustable; it can be slid down at an angle to the ground, allowing vehicles to be driven up or winched up.

The flatbed tow trucks in our tow fleet are capable of moving a wide range of vehicles. They include motorcycles, automobiles, exotic cars, luxury cars, SUVs, vans, and more. By using a flatbed tow truck, the risk of vehicle getting damaged is significantly reduced to virtually zero. With our skilled towing operators, you can rest assured your vehicle will be safely handled.

No Damage

Many vehicles can be moved by flatbed tow trucks. For example, all-wheel-drive vehicles will need a flatbed towing to prevent getting the transmission damaged. This is because traditional pull and tow methods will leave the wheels of the vehicle touching the ground; this may potentially damage the transmission.

When the vehicle is towed, the chances of transmission and bumper damage is unlike by using a flatbed tow truck. Thus it is the preferred towing method for many vehicles.

Towing Disabled Vehicles

Flatbed towing is also the best option for moving disabled vehicles. Our flatbed trucks decrease the wear and tear on your vehicles, so you can have a safe and free of damage tow. Some vehicle manufacturers may require the use of flatbed tow trucks. You can find out more information from the owner’s manual if you wish to know more.

To sum up, a flatbed tow truck is very versatile, and it basically “carry” instead of tow a vehicle. It can transport anything that can be fitted properly onto the platform. When you need towing for wrecked cars, disabled vehicles, high-end automobiles, long-distance towing, etc., consider using this service. Our experienced tow truck drivers are highly adept at securing all types of vehicles and moving them with our advanced flatbed tow trucks.

Flatbed Towing

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